Josh Butler

Writer/Content Provider

Frome, England

Josh Butler

I am a writer. I've created content for a number of digital publications, covering areas such as sport, technology, literature, history, video gaming and music.

Literally descended from Vikings.



The Real Ragnar Lothbrok

Scourge of England and France, father of the Great Heathen Army and lover to a mythical queen.
Historic UK Link to Story

Antonio Cassano: The Man Who Could Have Been King

A tale of the weird and not-so-wonderful career of one of Italy's greats.
Football Football Football Link to Story

Iceland: A Saga of the World Cup Underdog

From football anonymity to World Cup debutantes in a little over a decade.
Josh Butler Blog Link to Story

The man who accidentally rode the tallest ever tsunami

In 1958, Lituya Bay in Alaska bore witness to the largest tsunami ever recorded.

Strikers and the ability to hit a cow’s arse with a banjo

We all know the well-worn phrase levelled at misfiring strikers: “That lad couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.”
Getting Sacked in the Morning Link to Story

Gabriel Batistuta: The ’90s icon Golazzo forgot

The man who made so many fall in love with Serie A.
Tales From the Top Flight Link to Story

Ranking every Top Gear special from worst to greatest

The definitive ranking of Top Gear specials.
Josh Butler Blog Link to Story

Hang on, Aren’t Burnley Meant to Be Rubbish?

A quick glance at the Premier League table and there’s one team that appears to have been put in the wrong place.
Tales From the Top Flight Link to Story

Daniele De Rossi: Fifteen Years for the Prince of Rome

If Francesco Totti was the king of Rome then Daniele De Rossi is surely the prince.
Tales From the Top Flight Link to Story

Ferguson hails experienced United

The Red Devils lead their inter-city rivals by five points due in large to a winning streak...
Four Four Two Link to Story

A Manchester United Fan Confesses His Lust For Juan Mata

As a Manchester United fan, rivalries tend to be at their bitterest when concerned with Manchester City and Liverpool, but in recent years, Chelsea have climbed their way up the enmity ladder.
Sabotage Times Link to Story

Animals Indigenous to South Africa

An educational unit teaching Grade 5 learners about indigenous South African animals.


Josh Butler

I'm a writer. My work has appeared in Historic UK, FourFourTwo, The Sabotage Times and Bleacher Report. I was a staff writer for Fella, an up-and-coming men's lifestyle publication, and currently contribute to the football blogs Getting Sacked in the Morning, Football Football Football and The Tale of Two Halves.

Recently, I worked for two years at Mwabu, an ed tech start-up, where I researched, wrote and designed accessible educational content for learners in developing countries such as South Africa.

Outside of my 9-5 job, I write about sports (football, wrestling, MMA, etc), video games (Crash Bandicoot is somewhat of a hero of mine), history (mostly Vikings), and music – but I'm confident writing convincingly across a broad range of subjects.

I've also just finished my first manuscript for a fantasy novel – 190,000 words in all!

As well as creative and narrative writing, I have experience writing copy for advertising and marketing agencies.

I was part of Fella when it launched and helped it grow to over 100,000 Facebook fans within 6 months. I also boosted engagement with audiences via our social media channels, especially Twitter, where I'm known as something of a serial tweeter. Additionally, I'm a dab hand at Photoshop.

Outside of work, you'll usually find me playing football on Saturdays or heading to the gym.



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