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Bath, England

Josh Butler

I write things primarily about sports – especially football – games, books, news and technology, as well as other pretty manly stuff like beards, axes and how to be a Viking.

Hoping I'm secretly Scandinavian.



Daniele De Rossi: Fifteen Years and Counting for the Prince of Rome

If Francesco Totti was the king of Rome then Daniele De Rossi is surely the prince.

The true story of the family who’ve been fighting Area 51 their whole lives

It’s a struggle they’ve fought for sixty years, but it could be about to come to an end. The Sheahan family of Nevada aren’t embroiled in your typical land ownership dispute. They haven’t spent decades defending some nondescript plot of arid farmland from becoming a motorway or shopping centre. Instead, the Sheahan’s ancestral mining land, Groom Mine, is finally being seized by their ominous neighbours: Area 51.

Why we could all do with being more like Iceland

They smote everything in their path – it’s time to go Nordic.

I’m Alexis Sanchez, Get Me Out of Here!

Alexis Sanchez finds himself in a situation entirely of Arsene Wenger’s own calamitous making.

Why the hell do grown men still watch wrestling?

Why do adult men take great delight in watching huge, oiled-up blokes throw each other around a ring?

The story of the man who accidentally rode the tallest ever tsunami

In 1958, Lituya Bay in Alaska bore witness to the largest tsunami ever recorded.

America! Here’s how Britain can help you out of this mess

Guys, we know you’re reeling right now. We didn’t see it coming, either. Quite why you chose a strategically-shaved racist orangutan in a suit to lead your country is beyond us, but look on the bright side. At least climate change doesn’t exist anymore, right? But never fear, America, we can help.

Life after Z-Day: what living with zombies would actually be like

The continued threat of terrorism and the rise of Daesh, the recent Ebola epidemic, North Korea’s nuclear missile programme, Russia’s full-time dedication to being mental – according to the world’s media, we’re forever on the edge of global catastrophe. What a time to be alive. Yet, of all the possible catalysts for worldwide chaos, the one that seems to grip humanity the most is if we all turned into shuffling, bitey bastards with a severe craving for each other’s flesh.

Where Call of Duty went wrong

From the dominant player in the first person shooter genre to being widely lampooned by the gaming public. Just where did it all go wrong for COD?

Fella’s guide to who to support at the Euros

It’s a grim time to be an England fan. First, our European adventure was tragically cut short (in more than one sense); then everyone’s second team, Iceland, were emphatically trounced; and to cap it all off, Wales look like they might make the final. So here at Fella, instead of getting all worked up, we decided to take an objective look at the remaining semi-finalists to help you make up your mind about who to support.

Quiz: have you got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse?

You’ve played Resident Evil, you’ve watched Night of the Living Dead, you’re addicted to The Walking Dead – there’s no denying you’re an expert on all things re-animated. But if the impossible did happen and the undead came to roam the earth, intent on devouring every last scrap of living flesh, would you survive the apocalypse?

Want to be a Viking? Then these are the places you should visit!

Let’s face it – it’s hard to escape the Vikings in this day and age. It doesn’t matter if you’re sporting a daring hipster beard, have 125 hours logged on Skyrim or simply like watching the Avengers, Viking is the new trend, whether you knew about it or not. From Of Monsters and Men to Beowulf, current pop culture has been permeated by Norse influences.


Josh Butler

I'm a writer. My work has appeared in FourFourTwo, The Sabotage Times and Bleacher Report, and most recently, I've worked for Fella, an up-and-coming men's lifestyle publication.

Typically, I've written about sports (football, wrestling, MMA, etc), video games (Crash Bandicoot is somewhat of a hero of mine), technology, news – but I've written across a broad range of subjects.

I was part of Fella when it launched and helped it grow to over 100,000 Facebook fans within 6 months. I also engaged with audiences via our social media channels, especially Twitter, where I'm known as something of a serial tweeter.

Outside of work, you'll usually find me playing football on Saturdays; and the rest of the time, I'm usually down the gym, playing video games, writing about elves or getting lost in a good book.



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